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User-friendly mapping

Napkin is an open-source Geographical Information System ( GIS ) platform. Built on the latest open-source GIS solutions, Napkin gets the job done faster, easier and cheaper.

The power of open-source GIS

We deliver open-source solutions, fully integrated with all existing GIS systems. With both an open-source GIS platform and our data-driven GIS web-tools, Napkin handles all your GIS needs with software to deal with every parts of the workflow.


The Napkin team has built a fully modular GIS platform that can be deployed and installed under any system.


Thanks to the open source nature of Napkin, we are able to offer full integration with your existing systems.

Custom features

Napkin being fully modular, makes us able to create and install custom-built features and plug-ins through our development library.

Our partners and customers

All the features you need


Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile - Napkin is cross-platform and available on all devices.


Napkin is compatible with all existing GIS software, of the box. No need for tedious migration processes.

OSS software

Napkin is built exclusively with OSS software, making it a product of the best solutions the community has to offer.

Open standards

Web Map Services, Web Feature Services, Web Coverage Services. Napkin proudly supports all OGC-compliant standards.


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